SURVEY: Harnessing Biodiversity Collections Data for Addressing National Challenges

This survey is intended to elicit information for a stakeholder vision of how to maximize the value of biodiversity collections data for collections management, research and education in the future. BCoN is coordinating the development of this vision in response to requests from NSF and others to inform the development of a new funding program […]

BCoN in the News

An editorial in the January 2018 issue of the journal BioScience highlights the important work that the Biodiversity Collections Network is embarking on during 2018. Notably, organizing meetings and workshops that are intended to help identify and outline potential next steps for continuing a national initiative to digitize and use in research data and images […]

BCoN Workshop Report: Evaluating Progress Toward Goals of NIBA

In January 2017, the Biodiversity Collections Network convened a meeting in Washington, DC, to ask approximately 30 representatives from various stakeholder groups to evaluate the community’s collective progress toward the goals and objectives outlined in the Strategic and Implementation Plans for a Network Integrated Biocollections Alliance. The Next Generation Research Working Group participated in this […]