BCoN to Convene Collections Communications Workshop

The Biodiversity Collections Network will convene a workshop at The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois in September 2015. This meeting will bring together institutional leaders, communication experts, and scientists to: 1) Identify opportunities and barriers to communicating the benefits of natural science collections to decision-makers and the public; 2) Explore the opportunities […]

BCoN Cosponsors Plenary Session on Collections for the 21st Century

NIBA has joined iDigBio and Natural Science Collections Alliance to cosponsor a Plenary Session on 21st Century Collections during the 2015 Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections meeting in Gainesville, Florida. The Plenary Session on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 features: 8:30: Larry M. Page, Director, iDigBio, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of […]

Four New Species Discovered in Insect Collections

Four previously unknown cricket species were discovered by a researcher working with insect collections in Spain and Germany. Bruno Massa of the University of Palermo made the discoveries. “European museums preserved collections containing thousands of specimens coming from all the world in the last two centuries,” Massa said. “Of course, many of them still need […]

$1M Available for Digital Innovation that Moves Us Beyond the Bug Box

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) and the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) have launched the Beyond the Box National Digitization Innovation Competition. The initiative will award $1 million to the individual or team who develops a novel way to accurately and efficiently capture digital images of insect specimens and their associated data from […]

Scientists Announce National Effort to Foster Digitization of Biodiversity Collections

Scientists have launched a new national initiative to build a research and end-user community dedicated to developing a Network Integrated Biocollections Alliance (NIBA). The project is an outgrowth of recent scientific meetings in which scientists have articulated a need to digitally capture biological specimens and associated data held in natural science collections for use in […]