BCoN organized a workshop held at Harvard University in March 2018 to address legal concerns associated with digitized collections and mitigating these issues using digital means.  Participants with practical knowledge of how biological collections should manage legal issues in regards to changing policy, utilizing cyberinfrastructure, and advising stakeholders used compliance with the Nagoya Protocol as a test case to investigate how U.S. institutions must respond to the need for increased transparency of their biodiversity collections and the required digital tracking.  Below, are links to the workshop agenda, abstracts, and discussion results.

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Abstracts

Discussion results from the two Working groups on GGBN “Permits” (and other Legal Documentation) List

Discussion results from the three Working groups (Biodiversity Informatics, Collections, Research) on the Nagoya Protocol and its Relevance to the Biocollections Community

Talking Points for the Nagoya Protocol