Community Input Requested: Data Attribution and Integration Workshop Report

The natural history collections community is invited to provide comments on a draft workshop report about integration, attribution, and value in the web of natural history museum data.  The report is the outcome of a two-day needs assessment workshop held at the University of Kansas in February 2018, to explore the obstacles to data attribution and integration, by the Biodiversity Collections Network (BCoN).

During the workshop, a number of conclusions were reached regarding the integration and attribution pathways and possible solutions.  Thirty-five attendees representing collections, collection management databases, aggregators, repositories, researchers, and the library community presented their perspectives on data integration and attribution on the first day, which was followed by a day of discussions.  The workshop culminated in a joint discussion of the potential solutions to the attribution issue.

Although the summary report on the workshop attempts to capture an accurate assessment of issues surrounding data attribution and integration, we may have missed some significant issues or developments.  Thus, we invite you to review this document and share your thoughts and suggestions with us.  We also ask that your share this request with you colleagues.

We invite community input on the draft workshop report by June 2, 2018. Please submit all comments or questions electronically to

Read the draft workshop report.