Natural History Collections and COVID-19: Operational Status, Economic Impacts, and Plans for Re-Opening

The Biodiversity Collections Network (BCoN) is working to help the scientific and natural history collections/museum community understand how COVID-19 related economic disruptions are affecting research, education, specimen and data management and care, institutional administration, and other factors. We recently shared the results of a community survey of collections professionals. We continue to track impacts to natural history collection institutions and the people who care for and use these scientific resources.  

Individuals are invited to share information in the forms below about their institutions operating status – plans to re-open, operational status and limitations, closures, staff furloughs and Reductions in Force, program closures or terminations, and other disruptions to institutional operations. We will regularly compile and consolidate this information and make it publicly available on the BCoN website.

We invite information from all types of natural history collection holding institutions, which includes natural history museums, natural science collections, arboreta and herbaria, or other facilities with natural science collections.

We are not requesting and will not publish the name of the individual sharing information.

Thank you.

Summary of survey responses:

Layoffs and Furloughs in Museums

Operating Status and Plans to Re-open

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