BCoN convened a two-day workshop at the University of Kansas on February 13-14, 2018, to explore the obstacles to data attribution and integration. The workshop, organized by Andrew Bentley, has published a summary report which includes key recommendations for action arising from the meeting. Below, are links to the workshop report, agenda, list of participants, and presentations.

Workshop Report

Workshop Agenda

Attendee List


Integration Cycle

List of Presentations:

GBIF Today and Tomorrow

Session 1

Attribution Patterns in Mammal Collections – Thompson

Integrating Source Modifiers with Sequence Data in Symbiota – Miller

Data Integration and Attribution – Bentley

Proposed Redevelopment of GBIF Data Integration Pipeline – Hobern

Session 2

Big Data Needs Little CRUD – ITIS – Mitchell

Designing Implementing and Benefiting from Attribution iDigBio – Thompson

Postal Statistics – Biting the Hand that Feeds – Bloom

Data Integration and Provenance in EOL – Schulz

DataOne Snapshot – Vieglais

Session 3

Avifaunal Change Over Three Decades – Peterson

Biodiversity Heritage Library – Sheffield

Linking Specimen Data to GenBank Records -Sullivan

Case studies in Simplifying Attribution – Guralnick

Challenges of Attribution – Webster

Tracking Data from Download to Publication – Soltis

Session 4

What Publishers Can Do to Facilitate Integration – Parsons

A Library Perspective – Hanrath

Collections Support Through NSF – Beaman

Publishing and Mark-up of Collection Data-Pensoft – Georgiev

Whole Tale -Ludaescher